Tuesday, 17 August 2021


On, 15th August, a special program was organized at Hotel, The Lalit, New Delhi and the book titled “THE PHOENIX” was released by the eminent people. The 300-pages book, written by Narinder Kaur from New Delhi. The book compares women to a phoenix, a bird whose wings are burnt to ashes and was reborn with new feathers for a novel flight. It is an attempt to inspire such women who are in the shackles of victimization and abuses. Due to a lack of self-confidence and strength, moment to moment self-respect and self-esteem are diminished on their life journey. 

Narinder is such a woman, she has a daughter named Prabhjot Kaur. who is a 100% dependent child since her birth. Narinder turned herself from this situation being dependent into an independent woman and mother. Breaking the rules of social norms and taboos which is a key factor to live out of the box victoriously.

If the relationship deteriorates after marriage, then how much trouble a woman can face, its culmination is seen in the life of Narinder Kaur. This empowered woman had a share of troubled married life, married of at the age of 25, to a man of not a choice whom she never knew. Days of mental, verbal, physical and emotional abuses were endured in silence. She has 2 children, a boy, and a girl in this marriage. Days of continuous agony in her marital home, made Narinder to move into a parent’s house, separated from her 14-year-old son who was held by his father. Narinder has found herself now all alone and vulnerable with her 8-year-old special child. 

This phoenix lady didn’t give up. She emerged from the ashes to soar again, turning her sunsets into sunrises looking to its new horizons each day.  She has emerged today as a Role Model for women in such situation to be empowered and to experience each day with victories. 

This woman, who has won many awards and hearts says it all about her life journey. 

The other dignitaries who were present and honored at the event were–Retired Lieutenant Dr.Rita Gangwani,  MLA Dhanwanti Chandela, Promoter Mrs.Anju Suri,  Delhi Police Sub Inspector Kiran Sethi, social worker Gurmeet Kaur, Rajyoga teacher Savita Kumari, Mind Shift Coach Davinder Kaur, Professor Bhumika Gupta from Paris were prominent. Narinder Kaur's Father Shri S.P Singh and Mother Smt. Tajinder Kaur were also honored by the society.

The chief guests of the program were Shri. Sushil Suri-CMD of Morepen Laboratories Limited, Shri.Shiva Gopal Mishra- General Secretary of AIRF, Shri.Dayanand Chandela-MLA of Rajouri Garden, Shri.Yograj Sharma and Shri.Vijay Malik of World Human Rights Organization. 15th August

The event was held on last Sunday on 15th August, which marked the Nation’s Independence Day and Narinder Kaur’s birthday as well. 

Mr.Sushil Suri was honored with World Human Rights Awards 2021 by WHRO.

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